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After you set up calling in HubSpot, you can make calls directly to your contacts from their record in HubSpot. You can record the call, take notes during the call, and save the call to the contact's record. 

Before getting started, make sure you meet the technical requirements to make calls with HubSpot. Keep in mind that the number of calling minutes in your HubSpot account depends on your subscription; users on a HubSpot trial have the same limit as free users.

An alert will appear in your account when you're within 100 minutes of your limit. If you reach your limit while on a call, you will be able to complete that call, but will not be able to make additional calls that month. Free users and users on a HubSpot trial will not be able to complete the call if they run out of minutes while on a call. Calling minutes reset on the first day of each month.

Please note: the option to make calls through HubSpot Sales Calling (VoIP) in the mobile app is no longer available. Calls made from the HubSpot mobile app will be made through your cell phone provider. Learn more about these changes to calling from the mobile app.

Call from your phone or browser

  • In your HubSpot account, navigate to Contacts > Contacts.
  • Click the name of a record.
  • In the left panel, click the call icon calling.
  • If don't need to update any calling settings before placing a call, select a phone number from the dropdown menu. The call will immediately begin. Learn how to enter an extension, record, or mute yourself once the call is 
  • To update your settings before making a call, click Open notes and other calling options. By default, HubSpot saves your most recent calling settings.
    • If a contact that you're calling has opted out of all communication, you will need to give the contact a one-time legal basis to communicate with them before making a call. In the dialog box, click Give one time legal basis to assign a lawful basis and explain why you're allowed to communicate with the contact. You will need to assign lawful basis to contacts who have opted out of all communication even if the GDPR setting is turned off in your account.

Please note: while these features live in HubSpot, your legal team is the best resource to give you compliance advice for your specific situation.


    • Click the dropdown menu and select a phone number.
      • If you're calling from a contact record, by default, the calling tool will use the phone number stored in the contact's Phone number property. You can add another phone number by clicking + Add phone number.
      • If you're calling from another object record, select the contact or company to call. Keep in mind that if you're calling from a custom object record, you can only choose from the associated records that are listed in the Call dropdown menu. 

Please note: you must include the country code when dialing to or from a country supported by calling outside of the United States. The format may include a "+" or not. HubSpot will also dial the number set for the contact's Phone number property. If your contact does not have a value for this property, add a phone number.

    • Click the From number dropdown menu and select or add another registered phone number to call from.
    • Select either Call from browser or Call from phone.
      • If you select Call from phone, you'll receive a phone call from an automated system, which will then connect you with your contact.

Please note: when using the Call from phone option, two calls are made: one to the first phone to set up the recording, and another to the second phone for the actual call. This will double the amount of calling minutes used.

      • If you select Call from browser, you'll use your computer audio to make the call and a pop-up window will appear.


    • When you're ready, click Call.


  • During the call, you can drag and drop the call window to a different location on your screen or minimize the window so you can still view your data in HubSpot. 


  • The recipient's caller ID will display the phone number you selected from the From dropdown menu. Once the call is connected, you can enter an extension, record the call, mute yourself, and take notes in the pop-up window:
    • Enter notes during the call in the text box. 
    • To record the call, click Record in the top-right. Call recording will be automatically enabled for one-party consent states. For all other areas, you'll need to get consent from the party you are calling in order to turn recording on. In this case, you'll receive an alert after clicking Record. Make sure you inform the contact that you're recording the call, then click I have informed them.

Please note: if you stop recording during a call, none of the call recording will be saved. Learn more about why your call recording may not save.

    • To mute yourself during the call, click the Mute button.
    • To enter an extension or access the dialer, click the Keypad button.
    • To change the microphone or speaker device you're using, click the Audio dropdown menu.
    • Next to the Audio dropdown menu, you can review your network quality score. This score is measured using the Mean Opinion Score (MOS). If the network quality is poor, consider joining a different network or working with your IT team to improve your network connection. Learn more about the technical requirements for using the calling tool.
  • When the call is complete, click end call callingHangup i.
  • You can add additional notes, assign a call outcome, edit the associated records, rate the call quality, or create a follow-up task.
    • Click the Select an outcome dropdown menu and select an outcome
    • If customized call and meeting types are enabled (Sales Hub Professional and Enterprise only), you can click the Select call type dropdown menu to select the call type.
    • Enter additional notes in the text box. 
    • Select a rating for the quality of the call. 
    • To create a task reminder, click Create a follow up task
    • To edit which associated records this call logs to, click the Associated with [x] record dropdown menu. Learn more about associating activities with records
    • To view how many of your allotted monthly minutes you've used, click the More dropdown menu. 


  • Click Save call

The call will be logged to the contact's timeline, along with the call recording if you recorded the call. If you connected a third-party calling provider to HubSpot, learn how to make calls using the third-party provider.

View calls on the record timeline

After you save the call, it will appear on the contact's timeline.

  • To edit the records associated with the call, click the Associations dropdown menu in the bottom right.
  • To pin the activity to the top of the contact timeline, click the Actions dropdown menu and select Pin.
  • To view a log of changes to the activity, click the Actions dropdown menu and select History
  • To remove the call from all associated record timelines, click the Actions dropdown menu and select Delete.
  • To edit the call outcome, click the Outcome dropdown menu. 
  • To edit the call type, click the Type dropdown menu.
  • To add a comment to the logged call, click Add comment.
  • To access additional call details, click Review call. The call review tool will open in a panel on the right. If you're using Conversation Intelligence (CI) to record and transcribe calls, you can also access the call recording and transcript from here. Learn more about using the call review tool.


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